All Saints’ is proud to be the first Church in Winchester Diocese to have installed a wheelchair-friendly and environmentally friendly waterless composting toilet.

There have never been any toilet facilities at All Saints’. Those attending services and especially weddings, find this very inconvenient! Although there is water in the churchyard, the cost to install either mains drainage or even a cesspit was prohibitive, so an alternative had to be found by the PCC.

A church toilet for special events and regular services in Hampshire. 

Site: Dogmersfield Church

Location: Hampshire

Building/Toilet Type: Standard Timber/Full Access

Description: A dry composting toilet hidden round the back of the church in the graveyard with full wheel chair access

Installed date: June 2008

Our loo is manufactured by NatSol and is completely water free, with full disabled access for wheel chair users.

Hand cleaning facilities are provided with a hygienic alcohol rub and inside you will also find safe disposal for feminine hygiene products.

The fact that a small rural Parish Church such as All Saints’ has such unique toilet facilities is a great relief to many of our congregation and visitors!