May/June 2021

Services will recommence from Sunday 21st March at All Saints Domersfield, please refer to the services information obn the News Page for details of who to contact if you would like to attend any of the services.

Date Time Service Readings Clergy Sidesduty
Sunday 30th May – Trinity 1 10.30am Rev. Sam Chandler and LLM Ian Coster.
Sunday 6th June – Trinity 2 09.30am

(A change to normalĀ  time)

Holy Communion 2 Corinthians 8: 1-9

Luke 6: 17-26

Rev. Angie Smith Christine Lowe
Sunday 13th June – Trinity 3 10.30am Sung Mattins 1662 BCP 2 Corinthians 8: 10-15

Luke 6: 27-36

LLM Sarah Groombridge Amanda Ross
Sunday 20th June – Trinity 4 10.30am Family Communion 2 Corinthians 8: 16-19

Luke 6: 37-42

Rev Angie Smith Sue Smith
Sunday 27th June -Trinity 5 10.30am Pet Service Presentation from Millers Ark LLM Sarah Groombridge tbc

Regular Sunday ServiceĀ 2020

Week Service Type Time
First Sunday Holy Communion 1662 BCP 10.30am
Second Sunday Sung Matins 10.30am
Third Sunday Family Holy Communion 10.30am
Fourth Sunday Family Service 10.30am
Fifth Sunday [If applicable] Matins or Evensong 10.30am or 6.30pm